Get in the Water: 194 Aquatic Exercises for Fitness and Rehabilitation

Whether it’s for fitness, wellness, or rehabilitation, water exercises are a tremendous option for improving your function on land by increasing your mobility, core stability, strength and range of motion.

This book, the first and only one of its kind, is a user-friendly reference guide to aquatic exercises. It is intended for aquatic exercise enthusiasts, aquatic exercise and fitness instructors, personal trainers, clinicians, therapists and patients.

You will find a wide spectrum of clear, specific and proven aquatic exercises for optimal fitness, wellness and rehabilitation.

The authors, Laura Diamond, MS, PT, and Phillip Marchese, DPT, have collaborated professionally for years, developing improved tools for independent aquatic programs and patient education to maximize results in aquatic therapy.

This book is their attempt to share their accumulated knowledge and techniques through a set of exercises so that others may benefit both professionally and personally.

Get in the Water offers a navigable and accessible way to learn the aquatic exercises that will help you (or your client) meet your health goals. Your unique, personal aquatic program can be designed from almost 200 exercises with clear instructions on how to perform them safely and effectively – with tips on how to enhance your progress.


  • 194 illustrated exercises with clear instructions, designed so you can customize and personalize your exercise program
  • Easy-to-find exercises for specific body regions – shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, abdominals, etc.
  • Chart to guide you in selecting the exercises that will help you achieve your goals – core strength, range of motion, balance, coordination, cardiovascular fitness, etc.
  • Information on specific pieces of equipment that can enhance your progress
  • Safety guidelines

Get in the Water! Book
194 Aquatic Exercises for Fitness and Rehabilitation
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Get in the Water! DVD
194 Aquatic Exercises for Fitness and Rehabilitation
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Get in the Water! (Bundle)
194 Aquatic Exercises for Fitness and Rehabilitation
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