About Diamond Physical Therapy Associates

“We offer a comprehensive approach to physical therapy that focuses on developing a rehabilitation program to meet each client’s needs. We use a combination of traditional therapy techniques, water therapy, manual therapy and other modalities, to effectively promote recovery from injury, overuse, and surgery. Additionally, we work with other practitioners in the area who provide complementary therapies.”

– Laura Diamond and Megan Cohen

Unparalleled Personal Care

Diamond Physical Therapy provides unparalleled personal care to clients.

Laura Diamond and Megan Gray Cohen create a safe, private, nurturing environment, where they listen to your needs and work with you to develop a plan for your recovery. They will help you find the source of your problem, support your healing, and coach you in ways to prevent further injury. As part of their holistically centered services, Laura and Megan often suggests other skilled clinicians who can be part of your team and they help to coordinate your care.

Direct Contact with Laura and Megan

Laura and Megan’s goals are to provide service with the urgency that is required.

Diamond Physical Therapy offers on-call service and evaluations within 1-3 days. When you are unable to come to the office, Laura or Megan will come to your home. They are available, 7 days per week, to offer expert answers to any questions you may have about your condition and treatment. You will have the ability to communicate by text, email and/or phone and you can always expect the same day response – usually within a few hours.

Dedication and Commitment

Diamond Physical Therapy has a reputation for helping people who haven’t been helped by other practitioners.

Laura and Megan are dedicated to professionalism and passionate 
about what they do for their community. Laura and Megan are truly inspired to help you be well and empower you to achieve your personal goals. By their commitment to continuing professional development and education, they ensure that recent advances in techniques and evidence-based research are incorporated into their practices.

Your Diamond Physical Therapists

Megan Gray Cohen Headshot

Dr. Megan Cohen joins Diamond Physical Therapy Associates, PC!

Dr. Cohen has an accomplished resume in the world of aquatics as a lifeguard, swimmer, triathlete, swim instructor and coach.

Megan Cohen, PT, DPT received a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from University of Miami, and received her Certificate of Clinical Competency through the Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy. Her clinical experience includes working in aquatic therapy with patients of all ages, as well as treating general orthopedics and neurological disorders. Megan and Laura provide aquatic and land-based physical therapy for children and adults.

Meet Megan in this short video.

We are looking for a passionate Physical Therapist to join our team!

We are a cash-based concierge practice, we treat one patient an hour, and we value freedom and flexibility in your work life! If you’re interested in this type of work environment, come and train with the best in aquatic physical therapy.
Send your CV to [email protected]

“Laura Diamond is an excellent physical therapist in the Boston area. Laura is detail-oriented, dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable, smart, and has a sense of humor. She focuses on your problem, and seems to care only about getting you better. I’ve seen a lot of people in the medical profession over the past fifteen years, and most of them have not impressed me. Laura is an exception.”

– Eric Albert, Newton, MA

“Aqua therapy has been a total success for our daughter. Laura is outstanding in not only her ability to maximize the benefits of aqua therapy, but in the ability to make the children feel as if it is fun, not work! In all of the therapies Kendall has received, by far, aqua therapy is one of the most beneficial for her body and mind! I would recommend Laura to all moms who are looking for the ultimate experience for their children with disabilities!”

– Kim, Mother, Stow MA

“Rehabilitation is the cornerstone of musculoskeletal care. A key component to successfully treating patients is to have community-based healthcare providers that provide excellent and comprehensive rehabilitation services, such as Diamond Physical Therapy Associates. Laura has been an invited lecturer in our institution and receives high marks for her passion and knowledge about aquatic and land-based therapy.”

– Sheila A. Dugan, MD, PT

“Laura is amazing! Laura’s innovative, knowledgeable and personal approach are unique and comprehensive.”

– Astrid Williams, Concord MA