Unparalleled Personal Care

Diamond Physical Therapy provides unparalleled personal care to clients. Laura Diamond creates a safe, private, nurturing environment, where she listens to your needs and works with you to develop a plan for your recovery. She will help you find the source of your problem, support your healing, and coach you in ways to prevent further injury. As part of her holistically centered services, Laura often suggests other skilled clinicians who can be part of your team and she helps to coordinate your care.

Direct Contact with Laura

Laura’s goal is to provide service with the urgency that is required. Diamond Physical Therapy offers on-call service and evaluations within 1-3 days. When you are unable to come to the office, Laura will come to your home. Laura is available, 7 days per week, to offer expert answers to any questions you may have about your condition and treatment. You will have the ability to communicate by text, email and/or phone and you can always expect the same day response – usually within a few hours. Consider Diamond Physical Therapy Associates to be your concierge physical therapy practice.

Dedication and Commitment

Diamond Physical Therapy has a reputation for helping people who haven’t been helped by other practitioners. Laura is dedicated to professionalism and passionate 
about what she does for her community. Laura is truly inspired to help you be well and empower you to achieve your personal goals. By her commitment to continuing professional development and education, she ensures that recent advances in techniques and evidence-based research are incorporated into her practice.
  • “Laura Diamond is a total gem.”

    Sally Sanford, Concord MA

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    Kate, Mother, Natick MA

  • “Laura is amazing! Laura’s innovative, knowledgeable and personal approach are unique and comprehensive.”

    Astrid Williams, Concord MA

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    Gigi Girgis, MD, Neurologist Affiliated with Waltham Deaconess Hospital

  • “Laura is simply the BEST! She will change your life!”

    Debbie Kernochan, Cambridge MA